5 New Uses for a Wireless Driveway Motion Sensor

Most people consider installing a wireless driveway motion sensor for security purposes. While they can make your property more secure, you can use these sensors for a variety of other reasons as well. Although designed to monitor your driveway, you can motion sensors on other areas of your property to monitor activity for a variety of reasons.

1. Monitor Gates and Pools

Installing motion sensors near gates and pool areas is a smart idea for families with young children. Young ones can sneak through back gates or into the pool area when you're not looking. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, but you can help prevent them by placing motion sensors in these two key areas. Each time someone walks through the gate or enters the pool area, you will be alerted and can take action immediately.

2. Monitor Your Garden Area

Backyard gardens are another key area to monitor not only for security reasons, but to protect your flowers or vegetables. If pesky critters are damaging your garden, a motion sensor can alert you each and every time the "perpetrator" enters the area. Depending on the type of motion sensor system you purchase, it may even be able to emit a siren that would scare off or deter animals – and humans.

3. Monitor Remote Areas

If you own an extensive amount of land, it may be wise to monitor remote areas of your property. By installing multiple motion sensors throughout your property, you can monitor activity in places you cannot easily access. This is not only useful for security purposes, but to also alert you when guests arrive or a package is delivered. In some case, a motion sensor can also be used to detect large animals that have entered your property.

4. Alert You When Customers Arrive

If you own a business, a driveway motion sensor can alert you each time a new customer arrives. This allows you and your staff to provide your customers with prompt, courteous service. The motion sensor can be installed near the front entrance of your business or in the parking lot to alert you before the customer even enters the building. Many systems also allow you to add a chime, so you can customize the way your system alerts you of activity.

5. To Monitor Industrial Areas

Industrial areas can be vast, and restricted areas need to be monitored at all times. Without some type of alert or alarm system in place, access to these areas may be granted to the wrong people. A simple driveway motion sensor can be installed to alert you each time a person or vehicle approaches a restricted areas. This will allow you to monitor the area and keep track of employees or personnel throughout the day. These are just a few of the many uses for a wireless driveway motion sensor. While these sensors are designed to help improve security, they can also be used for numerous other applications. Before purchasing your motion sensor, make sure that you select a system with an appropriate range for the application you are using it for.

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