6 Crazy Ways You Can Use a Wireless Driveway Alert System

Wireless driveway alert systems can be used for more than just security. While security is the main function of these systems, you can use your alert system in a variety of ways. The following 6 uses are perfect for the parent or homeowner that wants to get the most out of their alert system.

1. Street Protection

While you can monitor who comes into your driveway, sometimes you will want to monitor who goes out of your driveway as well. By setting up your system correctly, you can monitor kids playing in your driveway without having to hover over them the entire time. Using a voice alert system, you can setup zones where you are verbally told that they have been breached. Perhaps a child went through the front gate or they walked out of the driveway into the street, your alert system can notify you so that you can take action immediately. With precise monitoring, you can always keep your kids safe at all times.

2. Pool Protection

Do you have people jumping into your pool at night or want to ensure animals or kids don’t get into the pool unsupervised. By setting up a system surrounding your pool, you will be notified when people have entered the pool area.

3. Customer Alerts

Owning a business means that customers will come and go no matter what you are doing. When you are stocking shelves or not at the registry counter, you can use an alarm to alert you when customers come into the building. This is a great way to always provide the utmost in customer service and do so in a hands-free manner that allows you to make the most out of your time.

4. Protect Your Garage

Setup your wireless driveway alert system to protect your garage. If you have valuable items in your garage or animals seem to be entering somehow, you can setup a zone in or outside of the garage to be alerted of any activity occurring.

5. Package Alerts

A really neat idea is to use your zone for package alerts. Everyone has dealt with delivery drivers coming to the door and leaving packages outside for anyone to take. Oftentimes, these drivers never even knock on the door. Use your alarm to setup an alert when waiting for a package to arrive. Now, you will be able to know when a package is left even if no knock is heard. This is a great solution around the holidays when packages seemingly disappear off of doorsteps, or when packages are delivered often.

6. Building Alerts

Having a shed or greenhouse can mean that animals or people enter without your knowledge. A zone can be setup around these buildings to let you know when someone or something is present. This is great when dangerous items are present and you don’t want any unauthorized persons entering the building. The Chamberlain Driveway Alert system is just one of the many alert systems we recommend for this level of flexibility.

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