Choosing the Right Driveway Sensors for Your Home

Driveway sensors are used to detect people and vehicles entering your property. There are a few different types of sensors available, and each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The one that you choose will ultimately depend on your needs and your location.

Types of Driveway Sensors

There are three primary types of driveway sensors used in alert systems. These include:
  • Passive infrared: These sensors detect heat, so they can be used to detect both people and vehicles. While effective, these sensors are prone to sending false signals from animals.
  • Rubber hose: Rubber hose sensors are exactly that – rubber hoses. When pressure is applied to them, air pushes up in the hose and triggers the alarm. These driveway sensors are used only to detect vehicles, but are a great option for anyone who is concerned about a passive infrared sensor sending false signals because of animals.
  • Magnetic probe: Magnetic probes detect nearby metal, so they’re an excellent choice for vehicle detection. These tend to be more costly than other alert systems, but they will only send a signal when a vehicle is detected.

Choosing the Right Driveway Sensor

The right driveway sensor for you will depend on your needs and your location. Homeowners will generally have different needs than commercial business owners who may only be looking to detect people entering the property. If you want to install an alarm system for home security purposes, an infrared system may be the best option for you. These will detect both vehicles and people (welcome and unwelcome) who enter your property. The only drawback to an infrared system is that it may detect animals and send false alarms. If you live in an area where large animals, such as deer, are present, this may cause a few complications. While most system are weatherproof, snow, rain and fog can interfere with the driveway sensor’s signal. Other debris, trees and foliage can also interfere with the signal, so these sensors need to be placed in a clear area where animals are unlikely to be detected. An infrared system can also be used as a simple driveway doorbell or alert system to notify you when someone enters your property. It can serve multiple purposes, which is why many homeowners prefer these driveway sensors to rubber hoses or magnetic probes. If your only concern is to detect any vehicles entering your property, a rubber hose or magnetic probe is your best option. With a rubber hose driveway sensor, an alarm will only be triggered when pressure is applied directly to the hose. Hoses are easy to install and false alarms are rarely an issue. Magnetic driveway sensors are a bit more expensive, but will only detect metal objects passing by. These are the best choice for anyone looking only to detect vehicles. The great thing about these sensors is that they are discreetly installed, but installation can be a bit more intensive. The probes need to be buried underneath the driveway, so these can be inconvenient if you already have a paved driveway. View our selection of driveway sensors at: Wireless Driveway Alarms .biz

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