Choosing the Right Driveway Sensors for Your Home

Not all driveway sensors are created equal. In fact, some sensors have a variety of different purposes. While they all aim to do the same thing, provide you with protection, there are different sensors for different needs. Let's look at what types of sensors there are and which driveway sensor is best for your unique needs.

Driveway Motion Sensor

Driveway motion sensors are an all-purpose solution to driveway monitoring. These sensors are able to detect both people and vehicles with ease. Typically combined into one device, these devices are praised due to their ease of use.

Being the most inexpensive on the market, they are affordable, yet powerful enough for most monitoring needs. Simply mount these sensors and ensure that they work. Being wireless, you will have to test to make sure that the receiver receives the signal.

These sensors use beams that when broken will set off an alert. Simple in nature, these sensors are the most popular items and always get the job done.

Magnetic Vehicle Sensors

As you will notice, many alarms will pick up virtually anything that gets in their way: both people and vehicles. When you own a business or simply want to know when a vehicle enters your driveway, an alarm that uses beam sensors may not be ideal. While they will work, you will receive far more false alarms due to people or large animals breaking the beam.

Magnetic vehicle sensors work exceptionally well when you want to only detect automobiles. These driveway sensors are not your typical setup that you would expect. Installation is a bit more difficult with the sensor and wire needing to be buried in the ground. While the signal is wireless, you will want to ensure that during installation, you mark the area where the sensor is located so that you can find it if it needs to be changed.

The great thing is that these sensors strictly detect metal. When a vehicle goes over the sensor an alarm will sound, if a person or animal goes over the sensor, no false alerts are given.

Driveway Doorbell

A driveway pressure sensor is an alternative to the metal sensors we previously discussed. These sensors use pressurized hoses that are laid across the driveway. When the hose is ran over, there will be a signal sent to the wireless receiver and a chime or signal will be heard. This is great for anyone that doesn't want to bury a sensor in the ground or simply doesn't have space to do so.

These driveway doorbells will not detect people or animals, but they will detect cars that roll into the driveway.

Oftentimes, receivers will allow for multiple sensors to be setup so that you can easily mark different areas of monitoring. Driveway sensors are very practical for both homes and businesses that need to know when people or customers arrive.

For pure safety and monitoring, we recommend a driveway motion sensor, but for precise vehicle detection, go with the magnetic vehicle sensors.

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