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Dakota Alert produces some of the best driveway alarm products on the market today. With a trusted name and a reputation for high quality products, the brand is a clear choice when selecting an alert system for your home. No matter whether you're searching for an air hose, probe or infrared system, Dakota Alert has a solution for every need and budget.

The company's Driveway Alarm product line includes three main product series: the 2500, 3000 and MURS Alert. Each series offers a wide range of different products to suit the needs of everyday consumers and commercial businesses alike.

The 3000 Series

The 3000 series features infrared, air hose and magnetic probe alert systems with excellent ranges. Among the many products offered in this series are:

Wireless IR 3000 Kit

The Wireless IR 3000 Kit includes a passive infrared sensor and a wireless range of up to 600 feet. Although this kit comes with a transmitter, the sensor is compatible with any receiver or transmitter in the 3000 series.

The infrared sensor can detect activity up to 100 degrees wide, but detection range can be narrowed down to just 20 degrees. With a convenient swivel mount, you can tilt the sensor up, down, left or right for more accurate detection.

The sensor features three levels of sensitivity, which allows the system to detect a person or vehicle up to:

  • 12 feet
  • 25 feet
  • 40 feet

When the alert is triggered, the receiver will play one of four different tones. A convenient volume control also allows you to adjust the volume to your preferred setting.

This is the ideal driveway alarm system for the everyday homeowner who wants to protect their home and be alerted when guests arrive.

The 2500 Series

The 2500 series features some of Dakota Alert's more sophisticated alert systems, including a system that is powered by solar energy. One of the more popular alert products in this series is the DCMA-2500.


The DCMA-2500 is a feature-rich, wireless driveway alarm that uses motion detection to detect vehicles and people. The sensor has a half mile range and can detect activity within 50 feet of the sensor.

The great thing about the DCMA-2500 is that it allows you to set up multiple zones on your property. Chimes can be assigned to each zone, which will play when motion is detected in that particular zone. This allows you to easily determine where the activity is coming from.

MURS Alert Probe Sensor

The MURS Alert line of products is ideal for monitoring remote locations. The Probe Sensor system in this series features a long range and will allow you to detect vehicles that enter your driveway. Probe sensors will only detect vehicles, so there is no need to worry about false alarms triggered by large animals.

When the transmitter detects a vehicle, it will send a signal to the receiver. Alerts are spoken in English and correspond to the respective zone where the probe is placed. These alerts are spoken twice, so you never miss an alarm.

The MURS transmitter has a range of up to several miles, so you can use this probe to monitor vehicle activity in even the most remote locations.

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