Driveway Alerts

Driveway Alerts: Providing Ultimate Security To Your Property

Many houses have professional alarm systems installed. There is no doubt that these systems give house owners a feeling of security when they are asleep or away on a vacation, but the reality is a bit harsh. The professional alarm systems only sound and indicate the security companies when the security of the house has already been breached. These alarms become active when house invasion criminals or burglars have reached the house by opening a window or breaking down a door. Therefore these systems are no longer considered the best, in fact majority of the house owners are now switching to Driveway Alert Systems, especially house owners with long driveways and large front yards. The driveway alert security systems can alert the house owner way before criminals or burglars reach the main door.

Driveway alerts usually have a range of approximately 400 feet up to 2500 feet. The outer part of the security system, placed in garage or driveway, has a transmitter which sends wireless signals to the receiver, placed inside the house, when it detects motion.

Home owners who have a driveway alert system installed are considered much safer as compared to the ones with traditional door alarm system. The main advantage of a driveway alert system over the traditional door alarm system is that the driveway system informs you way before the burglar has reached the main door of your house and gives you enough time to react. Driveway alert systems also have advanced options like relays with which house owners can attach flood lighting. This will light up the entire circumference of the house when a burglar enters the premises of your property. Similarly police type strobe lights can also be added. All these flood lights and strobe lights let the criminals know that their presence has been detected, and they try to leave as quickly as possible.

Other than that, CCTV or Closed Circuit TV can also be installed, which will become active when any motion is detected outside the house by the driveway alert system. This proves to be very helpful at times when a report to the police has to be submitted about the robbery. Not only does the video act as a proof of robbery but also helps the police in identifying the criminal.

Although the security system is called a Driveway Alert, it actually performs a lot more functions; thanks to the pre-installed motion detector. All houses have blind spots around the house which are difficult to see and monitor at all times, such as side yards, sheds, detached garages, back yards and even swimming pools. And these are the places which are most attractive to burglars. But with the help of Driveway alert systems, even such blind spots can be secured.

Some of the more advanced driveway alert systems also have Text Messaging (SMS) option which comes in extremely handy when house owners are away. The Driveway alert system also provides an option of capturing a photo and sending it to the cell phone. Therefore these features make driveway alert system one of the best and most secure systems when it comes to the security of your property.

Another amazing feature of the advanced driveway alert security system is that it allows homeowners to keep a small wireless device with them which makes a sound when the perimeter of their house is physically violated. This device can be given to neighbors so that they can keep an eye on your house for you, while you can enjoy your vacations tension free.

Driveway alert systems are affordable and can be easily installed. The best thing about these security systems is that they are battery operated, which means that your house is secure with these systems even when the electricity is out; Moreover, the products used in the driveway system are waterproof and are designed to withstand all kinds of extreme climatic conditions. The monthly fee for the maintenance of these devices is very minimal, or absolutely free.

Installing the multi-functional driveway security alert system provides protection to the house and even to the valuables left in lawn during the night. House owners are immediately informed when a burglar tries to come from the side or over the backyard fence, or when a pedestrian or a vehicle drives up to the house. The security provided by these systems is worth every dime, and is highly recommended in all houses.

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