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Driveway Doorbells – Going Beyond Security

Driveway alert systems are typically used for security purposes, but they can be used for other purposes as well. Being alerted when a person enters your driveway can be advantageous in a number of situations, not just ones involving intruders. Let’s take a look at how you can use your driveway alert system as a driveway doorbell of sorts.

A Driveway Doorbell Can Be An Automatic Announcer

A driveway chime can act as an automatic announcer that alerts you when a vehicle first pulls into your driveway. It gives you a “heads-up” that someone will be coming to the door shortly. No matter whether you’re expecting the pizza man, a friend, or the plumber, a driveway doorbell will let you know when someone has arrived. If you’re not expecting anyone, the alert system will announce a visitor’s arrival. Now, unexpected guests will never catch you off guard. Depending on which system you choose, your system may chime just like the doorbell on your front door, or it may trigger a siren. The latter is typically best suited for security purposes. When you’re ready to leave your home, you can adjust the system’s settings for enhanced security. For instance, you may deactivate the flashing lights and sirens while you are home, and reactivate them before you leave your home or go to sleep at night. The versatility of these systems are part of what make them so appealing.

How Do Driveway Doorbell’s Work?

Most alert systems use motion sensors to detect a vehicle or person entering the driveway. The system then sends a signal to the receiver inside of your home. There are also some systems that use magnetic sensors or camera-based motion sensors. However, the latter tends to be the most expensive option. The sensor is what detects the visitor and alerts you that someone has entered your property. Sophisticated systems may also use a camera, so you can also see the person who is driving or walking up your driveway.

Selecting a Driveway Doorbell System

Installing a driveway doorbell will not only alert you of visitors, but also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home will be protected while you are away. The driveway alert systems that you will find on our site are available in various configurations, so you can select one that will suit this purpose. For example, you can select a system that uses 3 different chime tones and activates other electronic devices, such as lights or sirens. There are some driveway doorbell systems that will trigger a siren located on the sensor itself. This is great for security purposes as it lets the visitor or intruder know that you know they are there. For the purpose of a doorbell, however, this is not the best option. Ideally, you want to use a system that sends a signal to a receiver inside of your home. This way, only you will know that someone has entered your driveway. Otherwise, you may inadvertently scare your guests and unexpected visitors away.

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