Driveway Motion Sensor


Driveway Motion Sensor

We all live in the world where nothing is permanent, things change with time and so do circumstances. With the changing times, comes a lot of challenges and we need to prepare ourselves in advance in order to face them accurately. One of such challenges that we all tend to face almost on daily basis is the safety of our house and property. Burglar outbreaks and thefts have become a common feature of every neighborhood and no matter how vigilant you remain; these people know the exact way of harming your property and financial stability. Of course, one can get his/her assets insured in order to cover the risks but what if we tell you about a way by which you can permanently ensure your assets well-being without any fear of outbreaks or losses.

Yes friends, there is definitely a way of preventing intruders from breaking into your place or office and that is by installing the very reliable driveway motion sensor. A motion sensor also known as motion detector is considered to be an excellent and essential method of ensuring 100% safety of your home and property in general. Driveway motion sensor essentially detects the burglar's movements and heat signature and alarms the property owner using different methods such as light, alarm, message or even a phone call on a mobile. These driveway alarms monitor the entry and exit of people and even animals in your driveway and immediately notify you of any alien movement in your property, drive-thru or driveway.

Due to the increasing number of burglary outbreaks experienced by people around the world, the market of driveway sensors has increased by leaps and bounds. In order to make you clearly understand about these products, we have come up with different driveway motion sensor that one can choose from:

  • Wired driveway motion sensors

These are the traditional types of sensors that can be installed in one's driveway or property. Such sensors are cheaper than the wireless ones having magnetic probe that is more suitable in detecting metal rather than people.

  • Wireless driveway motion sensors

As the name suggests such alarms work without the help of any wires and thus have a stylish outlook than the wired ones. These are the modern and more robust kind of motion sensors that can be easily installed and can be installed at one's place even without any professional help.

  • Infrared alarms

Now-a-days, such kind of motion detectors are even addressed as motion sensors as they are equipped with latest technology for detecting people walking, vehicles and animals moving in one's property or driveway. Thus, this one is so far the best option that one gets in choosing driveway motion sensors.

Workings of a driveway motion sensor

Not many people are aware of the fact that Driveway motion sensor is actually a part of the Driveway alarm that is useful for detecting people, vehicles and animals in motion. A driveway alarm consists of 2 important parts- a sensor and a receiver. The driveway sensor is put or affixed into the area where you want to keep a check on, such as your garage, pool, entry gate or the driveway. On the other hand, the receiver is kept inside the house or office, thus when the electrically charged or battery operated sensor senses an alien movement in the outdoors, it immediately passes on this message to the receiver. The receiver by using a light or a sound alarms a person about unpleasant movement in your vicinity and thus you are in a position to take necessary steps for avoiding the intrusion. So, the basic task of a driveway alarm is transmitting wireless signals to the receiver, which in turn triggers the alarm at the receivers end whenever the driveway motion sensor invisible beam is broken or manipulated with.

The driveway alarms usually come with motion sensors that have a range of about 100 feet; however there are others as well covering areas of around 300-400 feet as well. Obviously, sensors having more range of detection would burden your pocket while the ones having lesser range would be affordable.

Factors to be considered before buying a driveway motion sensor

By investing in the driveway motion detector, you are actually investing into your family's safety and well being, thus you need to be sure about the product you are going to purchase. In order to help you out in this task, we've come up with certain factors that each one of you must consider before buying a driveway motion sensor:

  1. Make a choice between wired and wireless detector

It is pertinent for one to make a choice between wire and wireless sensors before investing into a driveway alarm. Wired systems are ideal to be installed in under-construction buildings while the wireless ones need no wire clutter. So, if the structures are already built and there is no scope for burying any more wires then, wireless systems are ideal to install at one's place or office.

  1. Choose your receiver type

After making a choice between wired and wireless sensors, one needs to choose between various kinds of receivers available. As explained earlier, a receiver helps one get alarmed in cases of emergency and choosing one that suits your demands is utmost important. There are receivers that alarm you when a heavy metal or vehicle intrudes in your area while there are few others that can even detect human intrusion. All in all, one has plenty of choices when opting for a suitable receiver.

  1. Money matters

Though no amount of money is big enough especially when your family and property's safety is in question but still one must act smartly by comparing all kinds of driveway motion sensors available in the market. The idea is to have a look at the features and cost of every product and then short list the ones available at most pocket friendly prices.

So, don't compromise on your family and property safety, get your personal driveway motion sensor now!

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