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Entry way is the main focal point that ought to be guarded the most when it comes to home security system installation, yet it is likely to be ignored in most of the cases. Unwanted trespassers, unwelcome people, intruding marauders, uncalled for visitors and trespassing vehicles are problems that can be easily managed by installing a driveway security alarm system.

Driveway security alarm system is exactly the thing that you need to monitor your driveway and even gardens, tool shed, garden shed, pool house etc. You can have peace of mind knowing that someone out there is watching out for you. This system alerts you as soon as someone sets foot on your property so that you can be aware of any approaching person or a vehicle beforehand. Our products have been designed to keep you safe and sound, round the clock. They work equally well for houses, offices and commercial setups.

Our driveway security alarm products include a diverse array of wired and wireless alarm systems. These motion detecting alarms have been programmed so as to ring when someone or some vehicle shows up at your property and can work over considerable distance, thereby alerting you using an alert chime/ bell/ siren/ automated announcer. The audio or visual alarming procedures that are employed by these driveway security alarm devices alert you well within time. The wireless transmission systems utilized by these alarm systems make them handy to use and virtually effortless to be installed.

Knowing the type of product you need to guard your homes can help you minimize the chances of someone trespassing. You have 3 types of products to choose from.
  • Infrared Driveway Alarms (motion detector)
These driveway security alarm systems are designed to detect the infrared radiation emitted from various objects and hence perceive any moving object in the vicinity. Any moving object can trigger them into action. Hence, any intruder or any animal can be revealed instantly by these alarm systems. This type of alarm system is ideal for monitoring of dark alleyways, courtyards and back yards. It is relatively easy to be installed in homes and offices or any other place you wish to be guarded.
  • Metal Sensing Probes (magnetic metal detection)
These probes detect the motion of moving metal bodies only, for instance, moving vehicles as it is a magnetometer and detects the motion of large metals like steel or iron within close range of the alarm system. They are best for use in the areas where there is a high level of activity and you wish to avoid being alarmed about every moving object. They can be easily installed near any metal. They come into action only through the motion of metallic bodies. Quite effortlessly, it eliminates the odds of false alarms with children and pets roaming around your house! However, the fixing up of this system is quite costly and requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Rubber Air Hose
This system consists of at least 25 feet long rubber hose that is attached to a transmitter box. This hose is fixed into the driveway. Whenever a vehicle drives over it, it detects the weight and the pressure exerted by that vehicle. Signals are sent to the transmitter from where they are conveyed along to the receiver installed inside the house. The alarm rings up, informing you of the arrival well within time. The cost of setting up this system is equivalent to that of infrared motion detecting alarm system and the same amount of time and effort are required.
The considerable range of distance over which these driveway security alarm systems can work, gives them an obvious edge over the conventional means employed for security and safety of your assets. They can work over a range of 2 to 4 miles quite effectively and efficiently. They are smaller in size than other security systems, making them relatively invisible to approaching people, taking them completely off guard while giving you more than enough time to collect yourself and be on your guard.

These driveway security alarm systems are weather resilient which makes them capable of withstanding extremes of temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. Hence, they have a longer life and save you the cost of maintenance and re-installation again and again.

These alarm systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The trouble and storage space are also saved with wireless technologies incorporated into these driveway security alarm devices. The tangling cords and cables are not a problem anymore, either. The ease of use makes them stand out amongst other products marketed for security purposes.
We live to make a difference in your life. While you sleep, we guard over you, making your lives safer and sounder than ever before!

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