Driveway Security: How to Properly Secure Your Residence

How much security do you provide for your home? As of 2010, statistics show that only 18 million homes had a security system installed. Further statistics show that homes without security systems are 300 percent more prone to being robbed. While home security systems can protect the inside of your home, driveway security can alert you of a problem or deter trespassers on your property. Securing your residence the right way is far more important than simply owning a security system. Let’s take a look at how to properly setup your driveway security.

Lighting is Essential

Lighting is a major deterrent. When a driveway is properly lit, there is a lower chance of trespassers or theft occurring. You will want to have the proper lighting in place at all times, but this does not have to be intrusive and keep you up at night. Motion sensor lighting is best and is highly recommended. These sensors will only illuminate when motion is detected and they are very cheap to purchase. Mounting these sensors on the garage or placing them right outside of doors is the best option. You want these sensors to work as both a deterrent and an alert system at the same time.

Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are so inexpensive that buying them is simply unavoidable. These cameras are to be placed in plain views of the driveway so that you have a video recording to watch if an incident occurs. This is especially useful for businesses that may have theft concerns or homeowners that have had packages stolen or that need to worry about theft.

Driveway Security Sensors

There are sensors that can be purchased right on this site that will allow you to mark a surveillance parameter for your driveway. These sensors will chime or provide audio alerts to the receiver within your home or office building. These sensors come in a variety of different types to meet your needs. They can be:
  • Beam oriented and will pick up vehicles, people and animals
  • Magnetic sensor enabled to only pick up vehicles
  • Pressure sensor enabled for alerting when vehicles enter
There are also many sensors that act as an all-in-one for superior security. Driveway Alarm Accessories Standard driveway security alarms only come with a few features that alert homeowners of a security issue; however, there are more options available. Users can customize their alarm by using accessories that will only activate when a signal is found. There are many affordable accessories available including the following:
  • Sirens: Producing a very loud sound, these sensors are ideal for deterring intruders or alerting in loud areas, such as a warehouse.
  • Strobe Light: Red, emergency strobe lights can be installed that flash when a signal is present.
  • Sound Production: Siren, chime and horn sounds can be produced through certain accessories.
There are dozens of accessories that can be used to further enhance your driveway security and they are all rather inexpensive. Just one or two accessories can bump up your security measures immensely.

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