Driveway Sensor Alarm

Driveway Sensor Alarm

Not so long ago, home security used to be a mighty task. The mere thought of having your house secured from every aspect used to evoke a headache for many people out there. The contemporary technology and the advancements made in the field of wireless security alarm systems have made home security less tedious a task than it ever was.

The driveway is the main entry point of your homes and its safety should be the top most priority while considering the installation of a home security system. Installing an up to date wireless driveway sensor alarm system lessens any compromise of your homes' security.

The main advantage of updating your driveway security helps you monitor who is leaving and who is entering your private property. All the vehicular traffic can be easily kept in check. It also helps you keep an eye out for the security of your children, your pets and also the elderly (especially those suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia). All the unwelcome visitors and trespassers can be prevented from setting foot on your premises this way.

Driveway sensor alarm systems have come a long way from the obsolete cabled alarm systems. Wireless technology is the new in. it has completely redefined the concept of home security making your lives safer than ever. Almost all of these are composed of several parts of which, the sensor and the receiver are common to all. Many kinds of driveway sensor alarm systems exist. Some of the much used ones are listed below.


Infrared driveway sensor alarm system makes use of infrared sensing technology to detect moving objects in the immediate vicinity of the alarm system. All objects emit infrared beams at all times. These rays are detected by the sensory part of the system and at once, alert you of any unusual activity taking place around your home. The alarm systems are quite affordable and easy to install.

They help you monitor the vehicles as well as the visitors who gain entry into your homes. The only catch is that the odds of false alarms are more with this kind of systems; it can be triggered into action even by harmless pets. They are ideal for use in darkened alleys where the traditional alarm systems fail. They are more suited for the home setup.


These alarms go even a step further to keep the flow of vehicular traffic into and out of some place in strict check. They are composed of a magnetometer and are created to detect the presence and movement of heavy metallic objects (such as, the vehicles) only. When the moving metallic objects come within close proximity of this kind of alarm system, it blares up, making you aware of approaching vehicles.

The chances of false alarms are considerably less with this kind of alarm sensor system since they are meant for vehicular detection rather than for sensing the humans or animals' presence. They are, however, costly and installation is a bit tricky too. They are ideal for the location where there is a constant heavy flow of traffic, for example, the underground parking areas, commercial parking areas and garages etc.


Another of the ideal driveway sensor alarm system comprises at least 25 feet long rubber hose that is planted beneath the porch. It is designed to perceive the weight and pressure of the objects passing over it. When a heavy vehicle passes over it, the information is transmitted to the receiver part which alarms you of approaching traffic at once.

It is also the kind of alarm system that has been created for the purpose of vehicular detection rather than human detection. The chances of false alarms set into motion by harmless pets are also less. However, this alarm system cannot distinguish between the friendly and hostile vehicles and might cause the nuisance of alerting you again and again. The set up and assembly of this alarm system is quite costly and requires time and effort. It is ideal for commercial setups and garages and parking areas too.


This type of systems cannot drive the unfriendly and irksome motor vehicles and personnel away but it can certainly keep a look out for all that is happening. A record of all the activity is made on the camera. These cameras are ideal for use in all kinds of setups, homes, offices, airports, garages, hospitals and the list goes on. The installation process of these cameras is quite easy too.

The success and reliability of the alarm systems that you choose for your house' driveway depends upon its affordability as well as durability. It should be able to last long and be able to withstand all kinds of harsh environmental insults.

The major plus point of these wireless driveway sensor alarms is that they can work over a considerable distance of almost 2 to 4 miles quite effectively, which makes them ideal for use in homes with long driveways and large mansions too. They are the perfect solution of avoiding the knotted and twisted cables too.

Hence, you can easily monitor our homes' driveways and can sleep peacefully knowing that someone out there is guarding over you.

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