Installing a Dakota Alert Driveway Vehicle Detector

Dakota Alert offers a variety of driveway vehicle detector systems for your security and alert needs. For exclusive vehicle detection, a rubber pressure hose or magnetic probe sensor is recommended. While every product has its own unique set of features, the installation process for both types of sensors is generally the same.

Installing a Wireless Probe Transmitter

Before installation, it's important to test the transmitter first just to make sure that everything is working properly. To test the transmitter:

  • Add four CR123 batteries to the transmitter.
  • Dip switches 1-8 should be set to match the receiver.
  • Dip switches 9 & 10 should be set to the appropriate tune, zone and relay output.

Two other important tips that Dakota Alert offers:

  • The transmitter box should be mounted on a post or a tree approximately 5 feet off of the ground.
  • The probe should be buried next to the driveway, while the wire should be buried over to a post or tree.

It's important to note Dakota Alert's transmitters are preset at the factory, so they should not be changed unless you are experiencing false signals or you wish to change the tune.

Mounting the Transmitter

Before burying the probe, test the transmitter. The probe will detect vehicles within 10 feet, so lay the probe beside the driveway. You can test the unit by having a car drive by the sensor. If the sensor is working properly, it can be buried. Here are a few tips:

  • The probe should be buried 12 inches into the ground
  • The probe should be parallel to the driveway.
  • If your driveway is only one car wide, bury the probe next to the driveway. If your driveway is two cars wide, you will need to bury the probe in the center of the driveway for the system to be effective.
  • The wire should be buried at least 3 inches below the surface to prevent damage from animals and other sources.

The transmitter box should be mounted to a tree or a wooden post.

Installing a Rubber Hose Transmitter

Installing a robber hose transmitter is simple and straightforward. When you purchase your driveway vehicle detector, you should receive 25 feet of hose and a transmitter box. Follow the steps below to install your transmitter:

  • Connect the rubber hose to the stem located on the transmitter box.
  • Lay the hose across the driveway.
  • Mount the transmitter on a tree or a wooden post. The transmitter should be at least three feet off of the ground.
  • Avoid mounting the transmitter to steel or metal poles as they may interfere with the signal.
  • Most rubber hose sensors have a maximum range of 2,500 feet, but this distance may be reduced if hills, trees and other debris are in the way.
  • Connect the 9-volt battery to the receiver.
  • Wait a few seconds for the system to warm up.

Once the system has warmed up, it will begin detecting vehicles. Check the hose to make sure that it is free of kinks as this may interfere with the signal. Whenever the receiver receives a signal, it will emit a tone: Whistle, Ding Dong, Classical and Westminster Chime.

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