Optex Driveway Alarm

Optex Driveway Alarm

Optex has provided the world with a wireless driveway alarm which does not only offer safety to the users but also ensures that it is convenient to use and user friendly. This alarm works very well regardless of the weather. Whether it is windy or raining, the alarm has the ability to catch perfect signals and information. The basic function of the Optex driveway alarm is to make the users aware of what is happening in the surrounding. For instance you are at the office and want to know what is happening at your home. You can easily place the device at your home and keep the receiver at your office. The wireless ability will send out information to you whenever someone visits your home so that you know whether there are any unannounced people coming.

One plausible thing about the new model of Optex sensor called TD-20U is that it works in every situation. Other alarms have been giving issues and worries to the users because of uncertain weather conditions. For instance the weather is windy, the sensor might activate when the wind is blowing and might send you a signal about someone's presence, when actually it is just the wind blowing. This new model of Optex has quite strong sensors and reacts on solid and accurate movements. This model also has infrared sensors which only make this device more credible and dependable. The infrared sensors allow the device to know objects from their warmth. For instance cars and humans that come in contact of the radius of the device will definitely be spotted by Optex sensors.

Once the device has confirmed movement, it will send a signal towards the receiver. It has quite a long range and can reach out the receiver as far as 2000 feet. The signal will trigger the alarm system and will alert you with a chime. The signal simultaneously triggers the relay control as well.

One of the best and unique things about Optex driveway alarm is that it helps the users in knowing what is happening around them and how it affects them. This is only ensured by the capabilities of the receiver. Optex allows a single receiver to interact with 12 transmitters. This allows you to install several transmitters in different places and still get updates on just one receiver. The safety device also has a set of 3 different chimes and you can use chimes to identify level of threats.

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