Optex Wireless 2000 – Wireless Annunciator System

The Optex Wireless 2000 provides the utmost in alert options and functionality. An easy setup and powerful features allow this passive infrared sensor to provide accurate alerts at all times with no wires or fuss included. This is one of our most sought after models in driveway security.

Features of the Wireless 2000

Featuring passive infrared technology, this wireless model is the perfect option for building, interior and perimeter monitoring. Ideal for businesses, the RCTD-20U is an affordable option that also allows for expansions to be made.

Transmitter Capability

There are 9 transmitters that can be accepted. These can all have their own chime for the utmost in alert and awareness. This is one of the many reasons that we recommend this model to our customers. If there is a chance that you will need further monitoring in the future, the 2000 is the right choice.

Mounting Design

The receiver can be mounted on the wall or table for easy use. Operating on the included adapter, you do not have to worry about the receiver needing battery changes or producing false alerts.


Other devices can be activated using the receiver's form C relays. These relays can be used for varying accessories that essentially expand the possibility of your alert. In a commercial setting, this can be sirens or other alerts.


Installation can be done in both commercial and residential settings. Indoor and outdoor use is possible.

Transmitter Features

The transmitter is able to reach a range of 2000 feet. This range must be unobstructed to work successfully. The transmitter has an IP54 rating, which means it is fully weatherproof and will be able to work in most climates.

Temperature maximums are 15 degrees F to +120F.

The detection pattern seen allows for a 17 foot fan detection or a 50 foot beam detection for long range detection.

Application Advantage

The Optex Wireless 2000 has many applications that make it one of the most powerful alerts on the market. These uses include the following:

  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Vehicle detection
  • Entry chimes for shops or stores
  • Notification systems for warehouses or other commercial buildings

Unlike other models, interference from other electronics is never an issue. Direct from the factory, there are over 8 million presets that allow for interference-free monitoring at all times. A low battery signal is present and provides both a sound and visual indicator through the accompanying LED.

The wireless 2000 really exceeded our expectations. Not only is the infrared technology used highly accurate, but the setup is very self-explanatory, even for non-experts. We found that the chimes offered an array of sounds that we could use to easily distinguish one perimeter alarm from another. This allowed for overall easy monitoring whether a customer was walking through the door or a shipment was being delivered.

As a residential or commercial alert, this is definitely one of our favorite models. You can purchase the Optex Wireless 2000 directly from us, or learn more about the product right on our site.

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