Our Top 3 Magnetic Driveway Alarms

Magnetic driveway alarm systems are the ideal choice when you want to detect just automobiles. These models will not detect humans or animals like some others do, but vehicle detection is highly desired, especially in a commercial setting where false alarms will cost a business money.

When installed in the right area, these alarms are the best for vehicle detection. We have numerous models in stock to choose from, and our top 3 picks are listed below.

1. MURS Wireless Probe

One of the best in the world. The MURS wireless probe features a great coverage range and easy installation. This model is so well-liked because it does not provide false signals unless installed in an area where other metal objects are moving.

MURS has the following features:

  • Zones: Expand your monitoring up to 4 zones for complete coverage.
  • Range: A range of 2 miles.
  • Alert: Voice recordings can be activated.
  • Accessories: Relay outputs allow for accessories to be added to the unit.
  • Cable Length: 50 feet

The burial cable must be put into the ground, and the ideal height of the transmitter will be 4 feet for best results. Find out more about MURS by clicking here.

2. Wireless Probe Drive Alert 3000

Made by Dakota Alert. This Magnetic driveway alarm offers rich features and an affordable price for residential or commercial use. The detection range of this model is also long enough to be placed in the middle or at the top of a driveway with no concerns of false alarms.

The WPA-3000 has the following features:

  • Zones: Using additional transmitters, four zones can be created.
  • Range: A range of 600 feet is stated by the manufacturer.
  • Alert: Different alerts are available with the option to have a different alert for each zone that is present.
  • Cable Length: The direct cable has a length of 50 feet.

This model does require the cable to be buried. We offer differing wire lengths to meet your needs. This model is meant only for outdoor use and is completely weather proof.

The operating temperature range is -30F – 120F.

View the WPA-3000 right on our site for more details.

3. Dakota Alert 2500 Duty Cycle Series

One of the most respected series in the industry. The 2500 duty cycle series brings together an amazing feature-rich design and is meant to detect vehicles, or vehicles passing within a 10 foot range of the probe


This magnetic driveway alarm has the following features:

  • Zones: Expand your monitoring up to 4 zones.
  • Range: A range of 1/2 mile.
  • Alert: Choose between 4 different tunes for alerts.
  • Cable Length: 50 feet

This model will be able to detect vehicles in a range of 10 to 12 feet from the probe. Output durations can be extended to 10 minutes for long alerts. There is also a 5 minute exit delay that can be activated in case you are leaving your home and do not want to disturb any of the occupants.

View more about the DCPA -2500 by following this link.

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