Potential Accessories for Driveway Detectors

Driveway detectors are a great way to not only protect your property, but to monitor activity in commercial or industrial areas as well. While these systems work well on their own, there are accessories that you can purchase to improve the functionality and effectiveness of your detector. Here are just a few of the many options available to you.

Electronic Sounder, Siren or Steady Tone

If a driveway detector is being used in a noisy area, such as an industrial area, a loud sounder may be necessary. This sounder produces 90dB at 12VDC and only draws 400mA. With this sounder, you can choose between a siren and a steady tone. It makes a great addition to any detector system and is very reasonably priced.

Emergency Alert Strobe

An emergency alert strobe can be added to your detector system to further deter thieves, or to provide more reliable alerting in industrial areas or to those who are hearing impaired. Various lens colors are available, including red, blue, amber and clear.

Our emergency strobe light is compatible with the Optex Receiver and can connect directly to the receiver's Channel 1, 12V output. If using the relay output, a 500ma adaptor will be required. The siren measures 3.5" x 3.5".

Indoor Siren

An indoor siren is a great addition to any driveway detector system, especially when working in loud industrial or manufacturing areas. This indoor siren offers two tones: normal siren and fast siren.

At 12VDC, this siren outputs 95dB and only draws 400mA. This siren is similar to the Electronic Sounder listed above, but that model only offers a siren and a steady electronic tone.

MURS Alert Auxiliary Chime

The MURS Alert Auxiliary Chime is a great accessory for homeowners. The chime connects to the N/O relay output on any entry MURS alert receiver as well as the M538-BS.

Whenever a signal is sent, the chime will play one of three different tunes: Oh my Darling, Westminster Chime or London Bridge. The adjustable volume allows you to choose a setting that suits your environment, and the unit is powered by 2 AA batteries.

MURS 2-Way Wireless Handheld Radio

For users of the Infra Red MURS and Probe Vehicle Detecting alarm transmitters, the MURS 2-way wireless handheld radio (M538-HT) is a great accessory. The radio will allow you to receive alert signals from your driveway detectors and also allows for voice communication between your MURS receivers. Five channels are available and 38 sub-channels, so you can communicate with other users with minimal interference.

This handheld receiver is powered by six rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, which are included. Batteries provide approximately 40 hours of use per charge.

When a signal is sent to the receiver, it will emit an audible voice alert (e.g. "Alert Zone Two"). An icon will also appear on the receiver's visual display to let you know that a signal has been received.

The M538-HT is a great option for anyone who needs to monitor multiple locations while on the go. The extended range of up to 4 miles and the voice communication feature makes this radio a great investment. As an added bonus, the FCC does not require you to purchase a license to use this product.

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