Review of the Dakota Driveway Notification System

Wireless and easy to install, Dakota Alert's Rubber Hose Alert 3000 (600 foot wireless transmission range) or Rubber Hose Alert 2500 (2500 foot wireless transmission range) driveway notification system is the perfect choice for an accurate Driveway Notification System for homes or businesses. These Alert's comes packed with Dakota Alert's best features.


The following specifications are seen with this model:

  • Weatherproof design
  • 4 zone monitoring
  • 4 tones
  • -30F – 120F operating range
  • 25', 3/8" hose
  • 600 feet range (3000 series) or 2500 foot range (2500 series)

Range of Transmission

The range of transmission from the hose transmitter to the receiver is a whopping 600 feet or 2500 feet! Before purchase, you will want to ensure that your receiver will be located within this range. For ideal situations, you will not use the maximum rating to ensure that transmission is never an issue.

The manufacturer does make note that the actual range will depend on the environment. If the signal does not have a clear path to the receiver or the terrain slopes, it may cause the signal to not reach the rated distance.

Zone Monitoring

Additional transmitters can be purchased to upgrade your monitoring coverage. Using zones, you will be able to setup four unique zones to monitor. This allows you to cover more than one entryway or driveway into your property.

Each zone is also equipped with its own four form "C" relays. These relays allow you to further customize the way your driveway notification system operates. Each zone can have a different sound or notification played upon being triggered.

Sound and Tone Options

The WRH-3000 or DCRH-2500 provides one of the best receivers in the industry. If using just one transmitter, you will be able to select between four different tones. The following tones are available:

  • Classical
  • Westminster
  • Ding Dong
  • Whistle

You will be able to lower the volume of the tone being played to a level that is comfortable for you. When the sound is playing, it will be heard for a few seconds before shutting off to provide you with a confident alert every time.

User Programmed

The receiver can be user-programmed for advanced use. This will allow you to activate a relay for just 10 minutes as well as further customize your setup.

Operating Temperature Range

The operating temperature range is perfect for virtually every climate. A low temperature range of -30 degrees F is seen. On the higher end, the temperature range can be up to 120 degrees F.

Coverage Area

Utilizing a rubber hose, the transmitter is highly accurate and provides a very low chance of error on detection. The hose measures 25 feet and has a diameter of 3/8 inches. Simply lay the hose across your driveway and test it by stepping on to the hose to see if the receiver sends out the proper notification.

The best place to place this hose is right in the middle of the driveway to ensure that at least one of the vehicle's tires will run over the rubber pressure hose upon traveling the driveway.

With great features and highly accurate triggering, the WRH-3000 or DCRH-2500 driveway notification system is one of the best pressure hose alert models available.

Purchase the Dakota Alert Wireless Rubber Hose Alert 3000 or 2500 system today.

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