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About Fitness

Fitness is very important now a days, so we develop app which store daily schedule and get help you to book appointment for gym / trainer at your home /office. Fitness mobile app solutions allows customer to find the best fitness trainer and communicate with him/her directly. Application offers many other exciting features like rating option, membership, deals etc.

Why Fitness App

Daily schedule tracker

Workout Trainer/Core Fitness Application allows client to track the daily schedules and sessions. Trainer can also manage the daily schedule.

Online appointment booking

Client can send an online appointment request and Fitness Trainer accepts and confirm the appointment.

Client reports

Fitness Trainer can access the weekly, monthly and annul report of client. Fitness Trainer can also access the Sales forecast report.

Chat With Fitness Trainer

Client can directly communicate with client directly once Trainer approves the chat request. Client and Fitness trainer can also share documents.

Client Fitness Trainer Gallery

Core fitness application allows client Fitness Trainer can easily create profile and set the profile photo and also the favorite cover photo.


Client can drop the review on Trainer Profile at end of session.


Application allows client and Fitness Trainer to chat, share files before or after each session.


Client can set the reminder before each session. Fitness Trainer can also set the session reminder.


Client can book one to one, small group or Group session. Client can also book online session with Fitness Trainer.


Application allows client and Fitness Trainer to chat, share files before or after each session.


Fitness Trainer can assign the goal and client gets a notification along with goals detail and deadline.

Estimate Yard Capacity

Client can schedule an appointment with Fitness Trainer. If Trainer approves the request and confirm, client gets a confirmation along with appointment detai

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