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If you like places via driving or walking? Then here you are… Perfect GPS Mobile Tracking Solution

About Project

Dollar drive app allows you to click beautiful images from outdoors and save your favorite location. Its live GPS tracking Mobile app solutions from point A to B so user can show from where he/she travelled and mark footstep.

Live Image Capture

Live GPS Tracking

My Drives (Save Favourite Location)

Style Guide

It became essential for app designers Miami to craft the designs of this unique app just like its purpose of development. To showcase the products is related to the convenient drive, the designers selected the colours and fonts in such a way that they all highlight the functions and products of the app.


To enhance the readability and make the typos more clear and attractive, poppins as the font of the app are used.


Experienced designers of iQlance solutions selected a combination of eye-relaxing with blend of green, Black & White color.


To increase the processing time in this application app developers Miami made use of trendy and easy to maintain technologies. In this live image capturing app, Android and iOS app developers Canada made use of the following technologies:

Design Technologies

To give the best appearance of the app designers of the iQlance solution made use of the Figma tool over here.

Backend Technologies

To create an errorless backend feature of the application JS technology was utilized by app developers India.

Cloud Technologies

Here the leading drive requesting app development company Miami made use of cloud technologies.

Database Technologies

Here the live GPS tracking app developers Canada utilized database technology to complete the app.

Client feedback

I Have been working with iQlance now for over 8 months on developing my GPS Tracking app, I must say, they’ve got an amazing bunch of people. They are very understanding. Overall, a good and satisfying experience. I will definitely recommend them for future jobs.

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Plan Of Action

Before stepping into action to make your awesome idea a reality we follow the process for swift development.

UX Design

UX design includes the design of the entire application to acquire and integrate the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.

UI Design

UI design involves the design of all the screens through which a user will move, and to the creation of the visual elements and their interactive properties that facilitate the

User Testing

User testing involves the testing of the interface and functions of the application by the real user i.e. client.


Documentation involves the approval of the designs and acceptance of the proposed designs for the app.

Top Feautre

All the app users can track their drives using GPS tracking technologies. Here are some amazing features of the application :


Simply clicks on start to ride. The application will automatically track the location.


GPS Live Tracking allows users to track the distance from Point A to B.


Dollar Drive is built and tailored for the Canadian consumer market.


You can also upload 2 images per property under the free version.


Simply click on favourite Route.


User can also user the note to add any info.


Dollar Drive App allows users to set the different locations to track the footstep.GPS Mobile App allows users to track different locations, so users can track from where s/he travelled.

Upload More With Plus

Dollar Drive Plus version allows the user to upload up to 10 photos per location. The free version also allows users to upload 2 photos per property.
All Screens

The dollar drive is fully integrated by app developers Miami with exciting and engaging features. Discover all of these features in the below screen layouts

Dollar Drive


Dollar Drive is the most preferred app to track one’s journey after reaching their destination. It shows footsteps as well as track the drive also.
Gps tracking app development company Canada has successfully launched the app on the respective app store. Download it for free.

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