Life at iQlance

Life at iQlance is a dynamic blend of innovation and camaraderie. We thrive on creativity, with a collaborative work culture that nurtures growth and learning. Our team celebrates diversity and encourages each member to shine, fostering a vibrant, inclusive environment. We cherish the moments we create together and capture them in our Album of Memories, a testament to our shared journey. iQlance is a leading tech company, driven by passion and expertise. We specialize in cutting-edge software development, offering top-notch solutions to clients worldwide. Join iQlance for a fulfilling career, where innovation meets opportunity, and together, we shape the future.

Our Celebrations

Celebrations are at the heart of our culture. Whether it’s your birthday or a significant project milestone, we throw epic parties that light up our office. Fun and togetherness define us, and our celebrations reflect just that.

Our Album of Memories

Explore our cherished photo album, a vivid scrapbook of our shared experiences. It’s a testament to our victories, the laughter-filled team gatherings, and the remarkable moments we’ve created together on this incredible journey.

Annual Trip 2024

02 Mar 2024

Client Meetup

01 Jan 2024

Christmas Celebration

25 Nov 2023

Diwali Celebration

03 Nov 2023

Port Luck

31 Mar 2023

Fun Friday

25 Mar 2023

Annual Trip

03 Mar 2023

Birthday Celebration

01 Feb 2023

About iQlance

iQlance is no ordinary workplace. We’re a collective of tech enthusiasts on a mission to redefine the world. With a proven track record, we excel in what we do. Our team comprises brilliant minds who thrive on collaboration and idea-sharing. We prioritize teamwork and inclusivity. When you join us, you become part of a realm where innovation reigns supreme, and your voice holds significant value.


Why Join iQlance?

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? iQlance is your destination. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in exciting projects, guided by exceptional mentors, and find ample space for your innovative ideas to flourish. We offer competitive compensation and a flexible work environment that caters to your needs. Join us in crafting tech magic, where your journey of professional growth is our priority.


Come and Join Us

Eager to be part of something extraordinary? iQlance is the place to be. We’re not merely seeking employees; we’re nurturing a family. Bring your talents, and we’ll foster them. Each day unfolds as a fresh adventure here. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the tech industry, all while having a fantastic time. So, why hesitate? Join us, and together, we’ll shape the future at iQlance Solutions!


Life at iQlance

  • Absolute Hi-End Development
  • Leading Global Brands
  • Flexibility in work arrangements
  • Volunteering leave
  • Career shaping & development
  • Transparent Visibility
  • Exalted work Culture
  • Exalted Office Facilities
  • Freedom Benefits
  • Frequent team events
  • Enduring Contract
  • Performance Bonus
  • Free choice of systems
  • Cloud and Technology
  • Open Management
  • Supportive Co-workers
  • Great work environment
  • Continuous learning
  • Leaders with Innovative Thoughts
  • Awesome Salaries

Come and Join Us

iQlance is a place where with a unique combination of technical innovation & creative flair clubbing, we work, we enjoy, we learn, we innovate and create something new and exciting every day.
We are free to think new ideas, share unique ideas and allowed to implement new ideas, which make iQlance truly different place from others. The joy of delivering the excellent work is reflected in the physical environment, we operate in.
iQlance has a tradition of facilitating continuous improvement through feedback sessions, surveys, and informal groups formed and managed by employees themselves.

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