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In this market race there is a variety of smar and digital devices available that work on a multiple operating system. With this it becomes difficult to approach a wide range of users. So to end this hurdle, Hybrid app development company Canada has created a pool of skilled hybrid app developers where you will be offered end to end encrypted applications for a wide range of operating systems.

The incredible expertise, usage of trending technologies, mixture of development strategies make us top-notch hybrid app development company Canada. We deliver the hybridized solutions with flawless, swift and royal experience on every OS, Screen size, and smart devices

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    Offshore Web, Mobile & Software Development Company

    iQlance solutions is a leading Software, Web, & Mobile App Development Company with a vast area of experience in crafting stunning and end to end encrypted technology solutions. We offer excellent expertise of the industry followed by an exactly planned approach to elevate your growth.

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    Hybrid App Development

    We at iQlance provide you with complete and end-to-end type of hybrid app development solutions canada. For this, we take steps to combine the latest frameworks available for different mobile devices, such as Sencha and PhoneGap with the power of HTML5 development. We always strive hard to design native looking applications for every big platform, such as iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Android phones.

    Our development team always employs native app features as well as abilities, while serve to put developers and companies to adopt HTML5-based mobile apps development. Until now, we succeeded to deliver high-performing, robust, feature-packed, secured, scalable and easy-handling hybrid app development services to fulfill varying requirements of major IT companies and other business organizations.

    Hybrid App Development
    Why Choose iQlance As Swift App Development Partner

    Why Choose iQlance as Hybrid Development Partner

    We pool our hybrid app development with innovative web technology and outstanding mobile experience to deliver you with the fastest possible market delivery and a huge audience. We have enough expertise in almost every leading technology, such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and others to come with innovative and 100% customized hybrid applications and deliver unique user experience.

    Hybrid App Development Process

    Our hybrid app developers at iQlance have blended the entire development methodology with countless diversified technologies and features to provide ultimate hybrid app solutions to our clients.


    STEP 1

    Collecting Client’s Requirements

    We discuss with our clients to get an idea to evaluate the concept behind app development. Once we collect the idea, we refine it to create it highly lucrative and at the same time, analyze the exact requirements.


    STEP 2

    Design of the Hybrid Mobile App

    Next, we select an appropriate design style for the potential hybrid app. Before we finalize the design, we create an initial draft and confirm with our clients further.


    STEP 3

    Hybrid App Development

    We choose every possible hybrid app resources, such as hybrid app animation, objects and background, while code the necessary hybrid app mechanics. Other than this, we take steps to create UI components and level design, while integrate each important components.

    User Testing

    STEP 4

    Quality Assurance

    While our development process goes on, our experts perform quality assurance test on a regular basis. This helps in identifying any discrepancy and fixes the problem to make sure that the newly designed Hybrid app becomes market ready.


    STEP 5

    Delivery to the Client

    Now, our hybrid app becomes ready to deliver to our clients or to launch on the App Store according to the requirement of our clients.


    STEP 6

    Maintenance & Updates

    In the best interests of our client, our developers ensure they provide support to the client whenever required. This includes providing application patches for maintaining the consistency of the app. Also, from time to time, iQlance Hybrid App developers provide updates so the app can also execute in a new environment.

    Hybrid Apps Development Services from iQlance

    iQlance with all their dedication, expertise, knowledge in the field of hybrid app development, deliver flawless, top quality and dynamic hybrid app solutions globally. Some of our services that are worth noting include:

    • Titanium Framework App Development
    • Hybrid Application Design
    • Hybrid Application Integration
    • HTML5 App Development
    • jQuery Hybrid App Development
    • Phone Gap App Development
    • Hybrid Application Development
    • Sencha Touch Development
    • Quick Maintenance and Support of Hybrid Apps
    UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design

    Our hybrid app developers develop apps for the clients using native programming and web app development. The developers ensure the UI/UX designs they create for the hybrid apps are easy to use and understand. Also, the design patterns used by our developers enhance the performance of the app thus allowing it to run faster even with less memory requirements.

    App Integration

    App Integration

    A Hybrid App provides various features to the client. These include accessing different services from within the app. Our developers make this possible by integrating the other services in the clients’ app. These services may include gateways for financial transactions, authentication and authorization measures, messaging, email, and chat etc.

    App Testing

    App Testing

    App testing is the most important feature while developing Hybrid apps. Every app needs to be tested for any problems that may arise. If any such problems are found, a fix is provided by the developers for the same before the apps are delivered to the client. This keeps the client free of any troubles from the app and he counts on us for future development as well.

    Apple Watch app Support and Maintenance

    Development Services

    As a part of our development services, we at iQlance provide our clients with robust, scalable, secure, and high-on performance apps. During the development of these apps our clients receive extra services such as security of their ideas, transparency across all processes, authorized 7access to the highly-sensitive parts in the app, and updates to the app after deployment.

    Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    iQlance is bound by its principle of providing quality service to the client. As a part of this, iQlance provides support to the client whenever they request for. An app may at times also require some sort of maintenance such as enabling an app to allow different users access to a restricted service at the same time. The developers will provide the update to the app without affecting any changes to the clients’ data.

    App Upgrade

    App Upgrade

    This is a necessary service to the client. Whenever the client requests for some change in the app functioning, or wants to add a new feature to the app, our hybrid app developers do so by providing app updates to the client.

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    Our Expertise

    We are proud to state the fact that our development team has an expertise in developing various kinds of apps using Hybrid App Development. The use of HTML5 enables the apps to run on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows etc.

    Email clients

    Email clients

    At iQlance, our developers are capable of developing Email clients as well. A client just needs to request for the same and an email client will be developed specific to the requirements of the client and for the clients’ domain only.

    Retail & E-Commerce

    General Tools

    Our developers also create simple yet powerful tools for their clients. Some of these include High – End Scientific Calculators, Notepads


    Social Media

    Our Hybrid App Developers at iQlance are experts at creating social media apps like Instagram or Twitter. Many of these apps are built for an Intranet type of network also.

    Endeavors That Make Us Proud

    iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

    Yoga and Mindfulness App


    Yoga and mindfulness app is not an app but is a mind relaxing platform. Here one can utilize tutorial videos and instructions to perform yoga, meditation and relax the mind. One can achieve intense peace and inner bliss by using this amazing app.

    • Tutorial videos
    • Relaxing Music
    • Breathing session
    • In – build Games
    Restaurants App Solution

    Restaurants App Solution

    Restaurants App Solution

    Here is the modern restaurant app solution based on the idea of: “getting food when you arrive at dine-in”. It is a restaurant booking app that allows you to book food and table in advance so that you can enjoy it by eliminating the long queues at the restaurants with superfast express ordering & delivery. This app is much more than a food ordering system.

    • Menu and nearby restaurants
    • Table bookings
    • Pre-orders
    • Great offers
    • Easy payments

    Horse Trainer

    Horse Trainer is a platform that connects horse owners. This Custom mobile app and Software Development (SAAS) Solutions is the most convenient way to get informed about any event or function related to horses. It is the best platform that provides a variety of connecting modes such as emails, videos, photographs. Now horse-owners can create their network hassle-free.

    • Easy connectivity
    • Easy media sharing
    • Profile creation
    • Events pop-ups

    Transportation Solutions

    Transportation Solution is an attractive Custom App and Software Development Solution that gives access to check how you can manage all drivers and their ongoing jobs. You can also track the driver’s live location. Here all you need to do is open the software and check the status of the driver. Hence it becomes easier than ever before.

    • Categories wise Listing of vehicles
    • Driver Details
    • Job Bidding
    Check How We turn Your Idea into Innovative Product

    Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app development company in Canada.

    Technology Stack



    React Native


    Augmented Reality



    Objective C

    Cross Platform



    Angular js

    Angular JS

    React Js

    React JS





    HTML 5

    HTML 5










    Node .JS









    Google Cloud







    Why Companies Partner With Us

    iQlance teams are just not a group of developers. They are strategists, innovators, and Hybrid mobile app developers. All of them together are capable and responsible for taking the clients’ business to another level. It is due to these and the following reasons that our clients have always given us a reason to smile:

    Client Satisfaction

    Client Satisfaction

    Satisfaction of the client is a must and guaranteed at iQlance. All the needs of the clients regarding the app are taken care of by the developers. Also, the client can ask for any kind of help after app deployment too. Our teams also provide technical support, maintenance and update to the clients’ app. This keeps the client satisfied thus helping us achieve our motto.

    Dedicated Teams

    Dedicated Teams

    iQlance has a number of teams dedicated to various types of platforms and apps. Some work for iOS, while others for Android, and yet others for Windows. Whatever the OS or platform these teams work for, they provide more than 100% of their dedication while building the clients’ apps.

    Complete Transparency

    Transparency & Integrity

    At iQlance we provide the client with various reports, both daily and weekly, to keep them updated on the app’s progress. All the processes that take place at iQlance regarding the clients’ app are within the knowhow of the client through these reports.

     Fixed Cost

    Fixed Cost

    Our clients never ask us to make discounts in our app’s cost because the apps we develop are already as per the wallet of the client. In the beginning of the project, the client selects a model for the development of his app as per his budget. Leaving the extra features aside, there can never be a change in the cost of the app.

    Looking to Hire Dedicated Team?

    We are team of talented, experienced, and certified designers and developers. Let us build something extraordinary.

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    Industries We Serve

    We’ve polished the skill of designing and constructing mobile applications with great user interfaces through years of knowledge in the creation of mobile applications. Our webapps provide excellent outcomes for businesses and brands across a wide range of industries.






    Media & Entertainment

    Real Estate

    Real Estate










    Travel & Hospitality

    Oil - Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Client Testimonials


    The current sandbox product has demonstrated reliable performance and smooth navigation in initial testing, thanks to iQlance’s technical skills. Their willingness to incorporate feedback and consistent responsiveness continue to boost productivity.

    Verified by

    iQlance’s mobile app received positive feedback from people that interacted with it in the development stage. iQlance communicated quickly, frequently, and over several different platforms.

    Verified by
    Gregor I
    Gregor I

    iQlance is absolutely a topmost company to avail web design and development. From past many months, I was roaming around in search of the best & reliable web development organization and then I found it as a true business partner.

    Verified by
    Gregor I
    Stephanie A
    Stephanie A

    Their developers were skilled, and they helped us to integrate development with UI design were necessary. They were able to respond with high flexibility to the development model we requested. They did an excellent job. Their mobile app developer and UI designers are very expert. We can hire them again for future apps development…Thanks

    Verified by
    Stephanie A
    Dubie B
    Dubie B

    iQlance was a great team to work with. They were able to meet our timeline. They are great at technology, they know what they are doing. It has been a great experience overall.

    Verified by
    Dubie B

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A hybrid app is an HTML5 online app that is wrapped in a native layer. CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript are used to develop this type of mobile app.

    The type of apps that can be built as Hybrid apps can be social media apps like Instagram, email clients like Gmail, general tools like Evernote, or online booking apps like Uber.

    Yes. Hybrid apps are cost-effective as you can use them in your web browser and also as an app installed on your mobile.

    Developers write a single codebase that can execute on different platforms. This saves time and money both and also provides a bigger user-base to the client.

    Yes. iQlance signs a NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement – with the client to ensure the safety of your ideas.

    Yes. The code belongs to the client and the get it after all the accounts have been settled with iQlance.

    As our developers write a single codebase, it saves half the time already. Add to it the Agile methodologies our developers use. This further decreases the time taken to develop the app.

    Yes. As a company policy, iQlance provides support to all of its clients for all the apps developed at iQlance.
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